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November 28, 2010 by Dan Swinhoe

Three years on, still the coolest picture of me ever

Right, time to brag.

I’m awesome at everything. Ever.

This isn’t some hyperlocal wonder, nor some critical insider view of the press or the media. There’s enough self righteous bloggers, and if I want to rant that’s for Social networking.

This is simply everything I’ve done on the internet, complied into one place.  It’s not massively clever, I’m crap at blogging and tech stuff, but it might get better over time. I’ll try and keep it in order and everything.

I’m a music man mostly; it’s what I know and what comes easiest to write about, but I’m not afraid of expanding my  palette.

Detour Magazine:

Detour was our online uni magazine, ended up being Music Editor in second year.


Detour morphed into Spark in third year, whole new team involved, but I still threw in a piece or two.


Sharemyplaylists.com is a Spotify-related site which allows you to upload your Spotify playlists for other to enjoy. Wrote a few reviews and Playlist roundups.


Heaviest of all the heavy metal mags, I managed to get a few pieces up on their blog on my work placement.

The Fly:

Free indy music mag. Had a good laugh and got a fre pieces up ont the features. Plenty of news too

Street North East:

New website based in (you guessed it) the North East, but has a bit of everything. As always, tunes are mostly my thing.

Ask The Experts:

Science & Tech website. My outlet for long-form non-music pieces. Aerospace, Environment, pretty much anything really.

The South African:

Free weekly London paper aimed at S. Africans. I volunteered two days a week for a few months to boost my CV.

Sabotage Times:

Big website for the lads, around 800,000 users a month looking at Football posts. I contribute to the music bit again.

IDG Connect:

My current employers. An IT company, I write abstracts and weekly blog posts on IT sectors in the Middle East/Asia.

Here’s my network of me:





Comment, retweet, abuse, mock, whatever you fancy.


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This is essentially my online CV, all my articles and bits from all over the interweb. Read and enjoy

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