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December 1, 2010 by Dan Swinhoe

<a href=””>Things can only get better?</a>

With the UK elections round the corner and the political leaders roaming the country making promises you can only hope this playlist is on their iPods as they sit in regular coaches on trains.

There’s a big helping of punk with The Sex Pistols, clash and Kinks, but it also has a slice of Brit-pop and 80’s pop. Everyone is catered and most importantly, there’s no agendas and policies to worry about, just classic tunes.

<img src=”” />

<a href=”“>Norwegian Electronica</a>

Norway is known for two things: Vikings and Black metal. This might be about to change with thanks a group of talented electro musicians making their voices heard.

Karin Park could make her mark on the charts with her ting tings style pop, while Lindstrom is perfect dance music. And there’s some classic stuff from Royksopp. Miss Harmonica is also well worth checking out. No techno Viking however.

<img src=”” />

<a href=”“>Bobby’s Top Ten</a>

Goldhawk’s Bobby gives us a taste of what he likes and manages to impress with what’s on show. It’s a  mix of what makes up Goldhawks; with some dark stuff from the Stooges and Tears For Fears, with some fine melodies from Queen and Tom Petty. There’s a few more mellows songs on there too. Missed a chance on plugging his own band though.

<img src=”” />

<a href=”“>Acoustic Vol.1</a>

With those lazy summer days and the hangovers that follow the crazy night you will need some easy going tunes to fit the mood.

This is a nice easy listening playlist, although sometimes it goes from easy going to depressing with the likes of Dido but overall it’s enjoyable with Nick Drake, Stereophonics and Simon & Garfunkle. Get the acoustic out and the campfire ready.

<img src=”” />

<a href=”“> Soundtrack To March</a>

The Soundtrack series celebrates it’s first birthday with, well, more of what makes it good. A big slap of songs that have been making an impact this month.

Jay-Z, and the Gorillaz take care of the Rap/ R’ n’ B section while Laura Marling and MGMT represent the newest chart entries. Cash and Hendrix make an appearance from beyond the grave and Major Lazer is just plain awesome. There’s plenty more here and if you’ve heard a new song you like lately it’ll probable be here.

<img src=”” />

<a href=”“>Living For The Weekend</a>

Lost track of time? Forgotten what day it is? Let this playlist help you keep track of the weekend, with all the songs featuring one of those magical days in the title.

With Bon Jovi, David Bowie, Lilly Allen and Beck there’s enough good times all round for everybody. Definitely a playlist for those of you looking for a good time at weekend, as long as it involves a party.

<img src=”” />

<a href=”“>Classic Punk</a>

With the passing of one of Punk’s Godfathers in Malcom Mclaren this is a good way to pay homage to him, by shouting “Oi Oi!” loudly and putting on those Doc Martins you have hidden away.

This is a quality look back on one of the most important music scenes and instead of focusing solely on the big guns like The Sex Pistols it has some of the lesser names in Skids and X-ray Spex. If you like punk there’s not much here you shouldn’t like. And remember, Hey, Ho, let’s GO!

<img src=”” />

<a href=”“> Save BBC 6 Radio</a>

With the BBC talking about putting Radio 6 on the chopping block it’s time to show your support and remember some of the great music that has come out of your stereo thanks to them.

Nirvana, Blur, Black Sabbath, The Rolling Stones, Franz Ferdinand, Faithless, even James Brown. This is a list of almost every important band to make it big in the last twenty years. Listen, and remember the last time any other radio station had songs like this playing on them.

<img src=”” />

<a href=”ttp://“>GLR’s Top ten


Back in 1999 GLR (Now Radio London) voted for it’s favourite tracks and this is the top ten.

Even back in ’99 this was a list of classics, Hendrix and Sprinsteen sitting alongside Massive Attack and the Stone Roses. Quite why Television’s “Marquee Moon” won is anyone’s guess.

[This never was published, don’t know why, and I never heard from SMP again, Never mind]

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