Annihilator In Newcastle

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December 5, 2010 by Dan Swinhoe

By the time Annihilator are half way through their first song the guitarist has done more laps of the stage, more solos and got the crowd going more than the previous two bands combined. The Jeff Waters show is in town.

Finnish band Svolk kick the night off, and in some style. despite their Scandinavian  roots they sound more like a band from the deep south of the U.S., with a groove and swagger that the cord warm to more and more through the set.

The singer has a Metallica-esque bark, and the bassist gives a strong backing performance. The only thing that lets them down is the ‘lost in the 80s’ style and cheesy stage moves, but a band to watch out for.

Next up are Sworn Amongst, a young Yorkshire thrash lot who try their best to get the crowd going.

They have some decent songs, and their guitarist, even with his gravity defying hair, pulls off some mind boggling solos.

But the problem with Sworn Amongst is the problem with all British thrash, old and new; we just aren’t that good at it. technically they do everything right, but it just never grabs you in the same way that the bands from across the pond or their european counterparts do.

And Annihilator hammer home that point. Lead guitarist/ band leader Jeff Waters has been releasing classic thrash records since the eighties, and they sound as fresh and exciting as ever.

The rest of the band will come and go, but the audience are only here to see their hero. He gets the crowd going effortlessly and even manages to high five almost the entire front row mid solo.

The set spreads the entire back catalogue, and it’s impressive to think that some of the highlights genuinely are the cuts from this years self titled album, The Trend is one of the best songs of this or any other thrash band has ever written.

Due to technical trouble at various points throughout the night the set has to be cut short, but there’s time to fit in the classic Phantasmagoria and Alice In Hell.

Waters promises to come back next year and every year till he drops down dead. Hopefully it’ll be headlining the Academy next year, as this band deserve far more recognition.

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