Daniel Fellowes: Photographer

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December 5, 2010 by Dan Swinhoe



“Having to chase bands members around the stage means with my lens that it never gets boring.” Everyone has their own way of staying on their toes.

Daniel Fellows is a budding photographer, with a keen eye for live shows and models. “I think I do prefer model work really, as there’s a lot more scope and I have a lot more control over the images.” Although he does admit he tends to swap between the two every few months. And although he describes live shoots as“A bit hit and miss” because “you have to work with what’s provided and work within certain rules” that can often cause frustration. “But then I do love the music and I’ve discovered so many new bands and genres this year so I do enjoy it a lot.

Fellowes come from Rugby, and says his life consisted of a “perfectly normal upbringing really.” Currently he works part-time in a newsagents to tide him over for money. He says: “I’m 20, hopefully moving out soon and getting a move on with my life!”

He has taken pictures of many bands, including Pendulum, ZZ Top, Devildriver and Bring Me The Horizon, as well as a few festivals such as Hellfire and Full Metal Racket. Fellowes explains his choice of subject: “ “Metal music is definitely my favourite to shoot, the musicians are generally a lot more active on stage than other gigs.”

But he is keen for work and admits that he “Wouldn’t say no to any kind of gig; I’m up for shooting anything I can and I’m always looking to gain experience in new things.“

His career as professional Photographer started by accident. ”A friend asked me to shoot a local gig for them and wanted some photos to show to people afterwards.”

He says it was “The first time I ever used a digital SLR camera,” and after borrowing his dads he “got my own camera within a few months and just didn’t stop using it.”
He followed this up through learning: “I went on a short course at the beginning but that’s all I’ve done. I did a lot of research on the theory behind photography though and stuck strictly to the book to start with.” But time has helped him along: “I’m a little more creative and experimental now but it’s always good to know you can create something that looks good if you’ve run out of ideas.”


As with everyone he has his own heroes: “Marianne Harris is an absolute inspiration with her band work, she worked with a band from Rugby around the same time I started out so I got to see her work and it gave me something to aim for.” As with a lot of things the original is still the best: “The ones who I noticed at the beginning seem to stick with me more than others that I discover now.” Adding that: “Lithium Picnic does incredible alternative work, I love to have a look at his work for inspiration and ideas.”

As for the long term he hopes to be a full time photographer: “In an ideal world I’d be able to get a job shooting advertising campaigns for fashion labels, models for magazines” while still being able to shoot the odd gig of course. He also entertains the idea of freelance or even wedding photos: “But I’ll keep striving for the ideal until it’s no longer possible.”

And in the end: “As long as I learn something from it, it’s worth it.”

To see more of his work join the fan page on Facebook: Fellowes [Photography] or go straight to his websites


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