Foo Fighters-Greatest Hits

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December 5, 2010 by Dan Swinhoe


The Foo Fighters’ frontman and all round rock god Dave Grohl isn’t happy. His band are releasing a greatest hits he didn’t want, and even though it’s guaranteed to sell by the bucket load he said in a recent interview he sees it as an ‘Obituary’; a gravestone on a band he feels has so much still to give.

The last album Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace‘ was a patchy affair but still sold enough to make U2 blush. So until fresh material hits the shelves this could the start of a fresh chapter or the end of their best years. All this pressure and he didn’t even get to pick the songs.

But Dave has no need to worry. The songs on here are exactly what any fan could, and would, want. From the early days of Monkey Wrench through to the epic All My Life, all the back catalogue is given a fair share here, not giving too much attention to any one album. Although from the amount of tracks on the double disc ‘In Your Honour’ it’s surprising to only find the awesome ‘Best Of You’ here.

The Foos’ have always had the trouble of writing amazing singles but average albums, but because of that this leaves one amazing greatest hit package. Grohl thinks ‘there are better songs‘ but if he’s written them they’re hiding well. Every song on here is a classic.

And probably the most surprising thing is how fresh it all sounds; the jump from the early day as ‘that drummer from Nirvana’ with Big Me to the rock giants they’ve become with the likes of The Pretender is seamless.

New tracks on albums are usually poor. It’s a fact. They are usually chucked on the end to add incentive and advertise the album without any of the usual TLC that goes into regular songwriting. The newbie on hereWheels is no exception; it’s a mid-paced stadium rock crooner that never gets started.

The other two new songs Word Forward and an acoustic version of Everlong are much better and finish the album on a real high. So while Dave might be left asking himself ‘Don’t we need some hits?’ the rest of us can enjoy the music that aren’t quite hits in his eyes.

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