Jager Tour 2010

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December 5, 2010 by Dan Swinhoe


The all British five date Jagermeister tour rolls into Newcastle, and considering the sponsors it seems wrong that the only free booze is being handed out by Exit ten’s front man between songs. Never mind though, what’s lacking in flowing alcohol is made up for with a blistering lineup.

First up are The Defiled, who are a bit of a hopscotch. They look like the Murderdolls but sound like Bullet For My Valentine, and lack the appeal of both. There’s nothing wrong with them, and their image mixed with the melody means they could become pretty big next year, but there’s nothing special about them.

Bad hair and make up are soon forgotten about when Exit Ten hit the stage, and they blow the place away.

Metalcore and melody isn’t a particularly new idea, but it this Reading-based band has quality in spades. They may be the self proclaimed ‘moistness’ between two heavier bands, but they get the balance of light and shade just right.

Front-man Ryan Redman is that rare quality of benign all round front-man; charismatic, talented (aside from the odd questionable dancing) and from looking at the amount of time he spent talking to the fans in the crowd afterwards, a nice guy.

Older songs like Resume Ignore and Remember The Day get the crowd singing along and from the evidence of the new songs  previewed here the new album, due in spring, may make them the biggest meal band in the country. The set ends with the epic Technically Alive and gets the first mosh pit of the night going.

Considering this gig was a freebie for everyone who won tickets it seems a shame that most of the crowed left before Sylosis start, but it’s their loss.

Sylosis are the other great Reading band and from the evidence of the new material, can only go onto to bigger things. Despite front-man Jamie Graham leaving earlier in the year, guitarist Josh more than makes up as a replacement vocally.

He snarls and scream in all the right places over an apocalyptic mesh of huge riffs and blinding solos.

The crowd that bothered to stay goes wild and the band clearly enjoy the dedication as they storm through their set.

The only downside is the lack of interaction the band can muster between them and the audience, but it’s a small gripe when a band can make this kind of noise.

Once the gig is over and we are given our free posters as we leave, and still no free Jager in sight, everyone can go home safe in the knowledge British metal is in healthy shape.

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