Machine Head At The O2

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December 5, 2010 by Dan Swinhoe



We have never played this song in the UK before, ever. When I say jump, you all jump.” and because Rob Flynn said jump, everyone jumps.

Machine Head return to Newcastle on their 380+ date world tour of ‘The Blackening’, the most epic,evil, ambitious album ever made.

Hatebreed are the main support, and they warm the crowd into a frenzy. Jamey Jasta may not be as well known as some of the metal elite, but he is a veteran and knows how to connect with the crowd. the mosh pits are wide and busy, and everyone’s fists are pumping on command. the only problem is that with their brand of hardcore, the songs follow the same pattern the crowd starts to grow weary towards the end and the set goes along too long. But it’s still enjoyable, and full respect to the Hatebreed crew, who give so much effort and respect to their audience.

Machine Head have always been a live band, one of the people’s bands. After the slump that got them dropped from their labial it was their live shows and the passion of their live shows that brought them back onto a label and back to the top of the pile. Opening with a 12 minute song (Clenching The Fists Of Descent)  is brave, but the Bay area thrashers have the skills and the confidence to pull it off.

‘The Blackening’ was an ambitious album, but they have always been a thrash band with a brain, and live this album really comes into it’s own, ‘Now I lay Thee Down’ and ‘Halo’ feel even more intense and urgent than on record. The crowd respond in kind, yelling every word and moving as one huge sweaty beast.

The chemistry between the band, and between the audience makes this feel like an intimate gig, despite being sold out, and Robb Flynn makes you feel like this is the most special gig he’s ever been a part of. and to reward us we get rarely played cuts like ‘Spine’ and ‘Blood For Blood’. Every song is a highlightt: ‘Imperium’, ‘Take My Scars’ and of course the final double whammy of ‘Old’ and ‘Davidian’ send everyone insane and end the night on a high that few bands can ever reach, let alone do it every night.

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