Pastel Jack- “Ghost In The Machine”

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December 5, 2010 by Dan Swinhoe


It seems wrong that for most of the noughties the best bands in the U.K came from Wales, and that a country that started Heavy metal should be lagging behind. So to fix this here come Pastel Jack.

The debut E.P from the Hull four piece is the latest addition to the thrash revival that british bands have been pushing for the last couple of years. and it’s a pretty good addition too.

Opener “Condemned From The Start ” shoots straight in with “Euthanasia” era-Megadeth riffing with melodic vocals that hark back to maiden and the NWOBHM sounds. Some nice soloing as well gets things off to a classy start.

But don’t think it’s not all old school either, “Day Like You” & “Part 2″ show a more heavy, modern side that helps mix it up. The whole disc sounds classic without being dated or hackneyed and the mix of aggression with heartfelt vocals separates them out from the average thrash revival band that’s still living in 1987.

“Hopeless unity” shows that they can still keep up the intensity even at slower speeds and lets the chugging maiden guitars build things up into a Lamb Of God style breakdown.

In a New wave of British thrash chockablock with beer bongs and songs about zombies Pastel Jack have a bit more to them to get your teeth into.

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