Times Of Grace- Hymn Of A Broken Man


March 2, 2011 by Dan Swinhoe

Since Killswitch Enage released Alive Or Just Breathing? in 2002, they’ve gone on to huge success, but creatively since 2004 they’ve been in a downward spiral.

So the prospect for reuniting Jesse Leach (who left shortly after AOJB?) and guitarist Adam D will set a lot of people on the edge of their seats. Jesse’s fortunes since leaving have been mixed (depression followed by a corker of a an album with The Empire Shall Fall) no one has ever questioned his talent.

So here it is, and fans will be asking, ‘does it pick up from where they left off?’ and the answer is no. But don’t be disappointed. The music is unmistakably Adam D., he’s the core of KsE and wrote all the music here. Songs like Where The Spirit Lead Me and Live In Love have his stamp all over them.

The riffs are catchy, heavy, everything that made KsE great in the first place, and the quality is better than it’s been for years. Strength In Numbers and Willing are songs you could never imagine Killswitch doing, and the acoustic tracks are a great surprise. Clamours for an acoustic album should follow soon.

And over the top of this maelstrom is Jesse. His voice has matured hugely in eight years, and makes this a real joy to listen to. The focus mostly is on the clean singing. The growls and screams are still there and as brutal as ever, but it’s the melody and strength of his clean singing that have come on leaps and bounds. The highpoint is the title track, where he mixes the two perfectly.

Whether this is a one-off project or the start of a band that exists alongside their main bands is yet to be seen. But a week into the new decade and a strong contender for best album of the next ten years is as good a statement as you can make.


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