Comment: Beady Eye, but why?

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March 9, 2011 by Dan Swinhoe

So 2011 is here, and along with the Strokes, Oasis’s new album is what everyone is waiting to drop. Sort of.

Beady Eye have been in the press loads lately, and with ‘The Runner’ single being released this week and the album ‘Different Gear, Still Speeding’ due next month the talk is only going to heat up. But listen to the songs on offer so far; they’re carrying on exactly where ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ left off. Decent Oasis, but Oasis none the less.

But why? Liam has spent his entire career being the bigger of two dicks and the lesser of two musicians. And this was his fresh start. A new name, new band, new year,

But the same old story, morning glory.

With the appallingly named Beady Eye he had a real chance to move on, make a name for himself and show that he’s more than a Beatles worshiper and a mouthpiece for Noel. But he’s played it safe and stayed in the psychedelic haze of the 60s. See the Beady Eye logo and Beatles-esque single covers for proof.

While at least he’s laid the Oasis name to rest, musically he’s still flogging the same horse, and trying to outdo your glory years with the same formula is akin to wear the same suit to your second wedding, 20 years later and 10stone heavier.

That being said, ‘Different Gear, Still Speeding’ is pretty good, songs like ‘Beatles and Stones’, ‘Millionaire’ and ‘The Morning Son’ are actually rather decent. Liam sounds like he’s enjoying himself and the song writing is more than up to scratch. Avoid ‘Wigwam’ though. I was just hoping for a bit more effort; even the most die-hard Oasis fan would forgive a one-off experiment, just to show that he could.

A good chunk of the tour already sold out and the YouTube hits for the three songs out have almost reached two million, Beady Eye will be huge this year, and ‘surprisingly good’ will probably be the consensus on the album. But I wonder how much of the crowd will be chanting for ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ and not ‘Bring The Light’?

Brother Noel has been surprisingly quiet for a Gallagher about his solo effort, all we really know is Miles Kane of The Last Shadow Puppets is on it. But chances are it’ll be a bit more of an experiment, maybe not quite avant-garde, but safe to say the effort will be there. I’m hoping for a spiritual sequel to Ziggy Stardust.

[Was going to be on The Fly website but the editor pulled it because there was going to a be a review panning it. Conflict of interest or something]

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