Preview: Funeral For A Friend ‘Welcome Home Armageddon’

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March 9, 2011 by Dan Swinhoe

Funeral For A Friend

‘Welcome Home Armageddon’


Welsh Post-Hardcore/Emo rockers Funeral For A Friend return with their fifth album ‘Welcome Home Armageddon’, here it is track by track.

‘This Side Of Brightness’

The obligatory quiet guitar intro, really short that does it’s best to put you off guard for the next song…

‘Old Hymns’

Which dives straight into a heavy riff and some widdly guitar work over the top. The vocals are all clean and the lyrics are the usual ‘lost love’ affair, but the song has some nice Killswitch style breakdowns.

‘Front Row Seats To The End Of The World’

Silly title aside this goes straight into some heavy guitars and hardcore screaming before the Lostprophets sounding chorus kicks in. Some metallic breakdowns divide keep you on your toes but it’s all about the sing along chorus. This one is available for free download in February.


Proper pop punk ala Fallout Boy with some really impressive six string flourishes with another big chorus, this is an album meant for the live circuit, and everything feels like it’s meant for the crowd. Some more impressive solos at the end.

Definitely a good candidate for first proper single.


Who knew FFAF were capable of Iron Maiden gallops? The riffs and drums work nicely together that lead into a big rock chorus. The screams come back here, and the balance between hardcore and pop is just about right. The slow breakdown only gives you a breather before the pace picks up and speeds to the finish.

‘Spinning Over The Island’

Cracking straight into some old school Bullet For My Valentine chugging before the classic FFAF melody smoothly takes over. A lot of changes in a very short space of time, but it doesn’t feel cluttered, and some more Lostprophet melody and a quiet little part to help you get your head around all the parts you just heard, and then a deep breath for a sing along ending. Shows off all the aspects of the Welsh scene in five minutes.

‘Man Alive’

A pretty basic metal attack; aggressive drumming, sharp riffing and the sing along chorus they do so well. Not as  intricate as some of the other stuff on here but can still be worthwhile live.

‘Owls (Are Watching)’

Big ballady intro, frontman Matthew avis-Kreye singing about flowers and if the people are listening sounds a big naff, but is soon left behind for some really impressive fingerwork on the guitars and the most melodic vocals yet, and manages to avoid being cheesey. The chorus is a slow affair but it all works in harmony, and finishes back at the start with the ballad.

‘Damned If You Do, Dead If You Don’t’

The end of ‘Owls (Are Watching)’ leaves you unprepared for the full on double kick drum attack and metal guitars. The screaming over the singing in the chorus works well and the ‘I’m not giving up on you vocals’ are hopeful. Ends on a gang chorus and could easily be a set-finisher live.


The inevitable slow one, finger picking with soft vocals loud bass drives the song along. Sway along and get out your lighter choruses break up the verses. Another nice solo keeps the interest.

‘Broken Foundation’

Back into metallic assault mode; more high temping drumming switching to a dynamic screaming/singing breakdown and the umpteenth anthemic chorus. A lot of fist pumping and singing required. Mega solo to end the song on a high too.

‘Welcome Home Armageddon’

More soloing and some big rock chords can be deceiving once the pop-punk verse kicks in, more Fall Out Boy style melody keeps up the energy, then the clap-along drums get you stomping until the song draws to a close, switching to some soft guitar and sweetly sung outro that strips away each instrument one by one and winds down the and leaves you happy and content. And possibly ready for a nap after all the sining along.

[Again was going to be on The Fly but never happened. sigh]

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