Daft Punk- Tron: Legacy- Reconfigured

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April 7, 2011 by Dan Swinhoe

Daft Punk being drafted into to the Tron: Legacy OST was genius. The kings of merging modern audio/visual art with one of the most visually unique and identifiable films of all time was always going to be good. And in the context of the film the music was inspired. Outside of the film however, the songs lost all context and seemed more like unrealised ideas for uber-fans to play in their cars while they imagine driving around in a cyber grid.

So Disney have let loose Reconfigured (I’m not a robot so I use letters, not numbers), an album that’s done anyway with the cinematic effect and was born and programmed to head straight for the dance floor. Probably by a Commodore 64.

Featuring remixes from some big names in remixing like Moby, Paul Okenfield and Glitch Mob (But no Aphex Twin, who has been far too quiet lately) this barely recognisable from the source material. In the place of snippets we have fully realised songs that sound more like Daft Punk than Daft Punk did for most of the original. No strangers to the remix album, quite why Daft Punk didn’t extend and remise the original soundtrack themselves upon release is a mystery. I suppose we can’t let them have all the glory for themselves and it does give some names that aren’t so well known in the mainstream a chance to show their wares.

The Grid starts as a grand soundbite to start the film and becomes some sort of techo mantra for the masses, curtesy of Crystal Method. Derezzed gets the double remix treatment, and goes from being one the better and more ‘traditional’ Daft Punk songs into a Glitch Mob Dubstep sonic attack and easily outdoes Avicii’s club land party. End line the line was full of 8-bit bleeps before but Big Noize push it the extreme. Photek don’t really add anything, acting like a middle-man between the two versions and lacking the quality of either.

The OST was a snapshot of sounds over too soon to compliment the film, acting like a window into a cyber world. At it’s best this is strobe lighting to get you to climb through the window.

Com Truise’s Encom Part 2 is pure 80s techno one of the highlights, along with Paul Okenfold’s C.L.U., which morphs from a strings and atmosphere mood setter to a house floor-filler. Pretty Lights’ Starsailor is pretty dull, and Moby’s take on The Son Of Flynn isn’t particularly inspiring.

As with a lot of remix albums, the quality varies from track to track, and you’re highly unlikely to fall in love with everything on here, or take it to heart as the best Daft Punk related release. But it’s a decent album more in the vein of what Daft Punk are about.

Whether you liked Legacy is irrelevant. If you like big house and dance, and can imagine yourself riding a light-bike in a derezzed world, then get into the grid.

Original at: http://www.streetnortheast.com/music/album-reviews/daft-punks-tron-legacy-review/


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