May 24, 2011 by Dan Swinhoe

Ladies and gents, may I present the reason I’ve been such a recluse lately,  my dissertation: Cogwheel.

It’s a Steampunk Magazine, and I hope you like it. It’s taken me long enough to finish it. Included are some interviews with Sunday Driver, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, Paul Guinan (Creator of Boilerplate), Kevin Mowrer (Creator of Frahnknshtyne), The Starving Steampunk Foundation and Arpad of the Weird Ward Works.

Made using InDesign (CS5) at Sunderland University.

Let me know what you think (you don’t need to point out every mistake, I’m sure my lecturers will do that when I get my marks back).

Let me know if you would like a copy, if I get a enough requests I’ll look at getting a bunch more printed off.

Here’s a download for those who want to read it in their own time:

View this document on Scribd

11 thoughts on “Cogwheel

  1. […] reading (and enjoying) Cogwheel)!   To take a gander, please visit his website, at: Or go directly to Cogwheel, at: Digg this […]

  2. jema hewitt says:

    Thought you might like to come along to the launch of my new book “steampunk emporium” …. 16th July down in Nottingham, do let me know if you’d like an invite or two 😉 “Emilly Ladybird”

  3. Gordon Stoker says:

    Your magazine looks amazing, I would like to buy a copy if that is possible. This is very exciting, a British Steampunk mag!!

  4. VonMarmalade says:

    Hi there!

    I’m VonMarmalade, Chief Editor from El Investigador, a magazine about retrofuturism. We just realized about your magazine and would like to translate your article Boylerplate.

    We already tranlated to spanish articles from Steampunk Magazine and The Gatehouse Gazette, now we are interested on your magazine.

    I’ve been looking for any way to be in touch directly with you but couldn’t find it. Hope you answer soon. Please email me at fluke.buba [a]

    Von Marmalade.

  5. Lloyd Penney says:

    1706-24 Eva Rd.
    Etobicoke, ON
    CANADA M9C 2B2

    June 25, 2011

    Dear Dan:

    Thank you for issue 1 of Cogwheel. Right off the top…wow. Such detail, this could easily be a glossy magazine available on the news stands, and I think this was your intent. I’m used to amateur magazines that are anywhere between 1 to 7 megabytes in size…this is more than 122 megabytes as a download. You’ve put a lot of time and effort into this; the least I can do is respond to it, and offer some observations and praise; I’m sure there will be much more of the latter.

    Wish we could indeed get to Steamcon III in Seattle. I also wouldn’t mind getting to the next Asylum. I did purchase The Steampunk Bible, and a review of this book should be in the next issue of The Dominion Dispatch, edited by Adam Smith. Also, I am a little late to it, but I am currently reading Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan, and enjoying it immensely.

    I do get many other steampunk publications…Steampunk Magazine, the Gatehouse Gazette and Exhibition Hall. These are all fanzines, and Cogwheel is a magazine indeed. Is it an experiment? Were all the ads paying ads, or are they placeholders for a publishing experiment? Seeing you’re at university, was this part of a project for a percentage of your final mark?

    There’s still a lot of steampunk music I’ve yet to access, and The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing putting out a wax cylinder is a hoot. I’d love to see it. When they mention an Atrak, I think they really mean an 8-track cartridge. Kids… Went to the Canadian National Steampunk Exhibition just outside of Toronto this past April, and met Professor Elemental there, fine rhymer that he is.

    The Starving Steampunk Foundation is a fine idea…when I see online groups showing off their creations, like jewelry, clothing, hats, updated guns, other apparel and weaponry, etc., one can see that you could spend a king’s ransom on your steampunk costumes. I know some people who have. We want to participate in the steampunkery we see around ourselves, but can only go so far if we can’t dress the part. There are many companies out there that sell clothing, jewelry and merchandise to the SP public, and perhaps even a fraction of a percentage of sales can go to this foundation.

    I must look up SWAG (Steampunk Writers and Artists Guild) to see what’s going on there. If more locals knew about it, I think they’d join up, or at least look for more information themselves.

    Yes, we are lazy, we really should make it ourselves, but we’d prefer to simply buy it and enjoy it. I know people who are not lazy that way…if there is to be an issue 2, look up the Site 3 Colaboratory online and on Facebook. Adam Smith, who was also the chair of the Canadian National Steampunk Exhibition, is the main force behind Site 3, which is a large workshop for many things, including steampunk projects, plus party and meeting space, and teaching workshops for leather work, electronics, lasers and much more.

    Definitely bring on the Boilerplate movie…that should be a lot of fun. Any rumours as to production progress or a release date?

    I’ve ordered from Alchemy in the past, and just by the looks of the ad, I should return to their website and see what other goodies they’ve got.

    I have not read any Cherie Priest books yet, but I do get the feeling that one theme that goes through many steampunk novels is the strong female character, summarized a long time ago as One Plucky Girl. I’m really getting that theme as I read Leviathan, and I am sure lots are enjoying that, in spite of the anachronism behind it.

    I think I’ve come to the end of things here…a thing of steampunk beauty to see. Many thanks for it, and I think I am like your other readers in that we’d look forward to an issue 2. Thank you!

    Yours, Lloyd Penney.

  6. symbian blog says:

    Exceptionally well executed piece of writing

  7. gateau says:

    I dont disagree with this post!

  8. La thailande says:

    Thats an all ’round well thought out article!!!

  9. […] problem with most Steampunk bands is that most of them aren’t very, well, Punk. The exception to this rule is The Men […]

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