Exit Ten- Give Me Infinity


November 2, 2011 by Dan Swinhoe

Circa 2006, Exit Ten were touted to be the next big thing. Their EP, ‘This World They’ll Drown,’ made them darlings of the metal press. Balancing Metalcore riffs and soaring vocals, they had the potential to be as big as Bullet For My Valentine, the last British band to promise much from a classy EP.

The stars were not aligned however, and despite ‘Remember The Day’ being a very decent effort (miles better than BFMV’s ‘The Poison’ or any of their follow-ups) it didn’t live up to expectations. Problems were compounded by label trouble which left the album practically out of print and the Exit Ten train ground to a halt.

Fast forward three years and Exit Ten return with ‘Give Me Infinity’ and a renewed sense of purpose. The Jaegermeister tour with Sylosis earlier in the year saw a band firing on all cylinders and the new material on show was impressive and promised much.

Opening with the double whammy of ‘Life’ and first single ‘Curtain Call’ and continuing their tradition of putting the better songs at the beginning, ‘Give Me Infinity’ shows a band who have moved on from their Metalcore roots. In the place of breakdowns are high-octane yet passionate rock songs. Not as heavy as the older material, but still balancing big riffs with Ryan Redman’s sublime vocals.

‘Suggest A Path’ may take some fans back with a more emotive delivery and strings in the background, and throughout the album we see a more rock-based approach. Redman’s vocals have always been a big draw and here he puts his best display yet. He has a great range and gets the most out of every song.The music on offer might not be the heaviest they’ve made, but the three Steele brothers and Joe Ward have made a fine range of songs. Softer and lightly picked passages lead the way for peaks and allow space for Redman’s vocals to take centre stage.

‘Infinity’ shows a band who have matured and progressed naturally to this point. The new songs fitted nicely into the live set on the Jaeger tour and although some of it might have stuck out somewhat on ‘Remember The Day,’ mostly the string heavy tracks, none of it is too alien for fans to appreciate. Like previous album ‘Remember The Day’, it’s a really good album with a few flaws. ‘Mountain’ and ‘Smoke’ don’t quite quite reach the peaks of the rockier numbers or the emotion of ‘Lion’ or ‘Suggest A Path.’ But where the previous album gave all it’s best numbers straight away this is a grower of an album that gets better with each listen. Fans who wanted an album of ‘Technically Alive’s and ‘Godspeed’s and might be disappointed at first, but the more time put into the record, more the more rewarding the experience and the more you appreciate the talents of each member.

Exit Ten are a quality live act with a good selections of songs at their disposal. Hopefully this time they’ll steer clear of label trouble and everything fall into place just right.


2 thoughts on “Exit Ten- Give Me Infinity

  1. […] The only track fans would’ve heard before, Sunset, was one of the best numbers on the album and characterises everything that Exit Ten are about- great vocals with big choruses and heavy-yet-catchy guitar work that compliments the song. The video sees a very cold, tired and shaggy-looking crew performing on the beach at what can only be guessed is an unholy hour of the morning. As a special treat (who doesn’t love a good cover version?) The EP comes with a studio performance of Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun. Very faithful to the original, it’s a great song, and the band do a great job. Ryan Redman’s vocals aren’t quite as raspy as Cornell’s, but he adds a more melodic edge, and if they play it live it’s bound to become a fan favourite. […]

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