Exit Ten- Sunset EP

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May 14, 2012 by Dan Swinhoe

A lot was made of Exit Ten’s label troubles after the release of their debut album Remember The Day. Luckily no such problems have befallen them since the release of their sophomore effort Give Me Infinity. After the long wait fans had to endure for …Infinity Exit Ten have treated them to a nice new EP, featuring some unheard tracks and a new cover. The band have done a good job of staying on the radar this time, touring all over the place and the Sunset EP follows Curtain Call and Suggest A Path as the third release from the album.

The only track fans would’ve heard before, Sunset, was one of the best numbers on the album and characterises everything that Exit Ten are about- great vocals with big choruses and heavy-yet-catchy guitar work that compliments the song. The video sees a very cold, tired and shaggy-looking crew performing on the beach at what can only be guessed is an unholy hour of the morning. As a special treat (who doesn’t love a good cover version?) The EP comes with a studio performance of Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun. Very faithful to the original, it’s a great song, and the band do a great job. Ryan Redman’s vocals aren’t quite as raspy as Cornell’s, but he adds a more melodic edge, and if they play it live it’s bound to become a fan favourite.

Drama (Part 2) Doesn’t sound a much like part one, but stays within the mould of the album. It starts slowly and ends up being more of a mid-paced ballad-esque number. Redman gives a gentle performance, eschewing the gravelly rock sound for more passion, and it’s a good song that could have easily been on the album. Always one to finish on a high, 1am is excellent. A piano intro leads into a wall of guitars that build and builds into a big melodic chorus, it could have easily been one of the best on Give Me Infinity and more evidence that it should only be a matter of time before the band breakthrough into the mainstream and take their place as one of the best british bands out there today.

These ‘leftover from x album session’ EPs can vary wildly in quality. Sometimes they see bands fooling around with styles that don’t belong, others show even great songwriters can produce massive musical turds on occasion. Sunset confirms Exit Ten have moved on from their metalcore-tinged roots but still have plenty of creative juices left in the tank, and have matured into quality songwriters. And also have good taste in cover songs.

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