Dogshredder: Hard Rock From The Arse End Of Washington


July 1, 2012 by Dan Swinhoe

If you like your guitar music noisy and coming at you at the speed of an oncoming freight train, then maybe you should tune your ears to Dogshredder, whose new EP Brass Tactics is out now…

A band’s name says a lot about them. Often within a few seconds of discovering a bands monicker you’ve decided whether you want to listen to them. Bands starting with ‘the’ should generally be avoided, but ‘blank the blank’ or ‘someone and the somethings’ can be ok. ‘Dog Shredder’ is definitely one of those polarising kind of names. Either you rush to listen to them, thinking they’re as depraved as you, or you run off scared like a granny, fearing they’re one of those scary people you read about in the Daily Mail.

This Power trio have received some crazy accolades, especially form their local press. ‘downright unfuckwithable,’ ‘The Dillinger Escape Plan playing Baroness covers in ZZ Top’s living room,’ and my personal favourite, ‘If you took a bottle of narcotics and got pushed out of an airplane flying to Naked City without a parachute by No Means No and land on John Zorn, you may end up as a Dog Shredder.’

Since the release of Boss Rhino they’ve toured the US with the likes of Melt Banana, Helmet and Black Cobra, and last month released another EP, Brass Tactics. Its three tracks clock in at almost half the time of the previous EP, and show off a more aggressive side. ‘Battle Toads’ and ‘Battle Snake’ are fast, furious and unhinged, while ‘Battle 07′ takes a left hand turn to slower, more psychedelic and proggy waters, complete with loads of Hammond organ. One review called it a ‘schizophrenic rock explosions driven by an octopus­handed drummer ‘ and that’s pretty much spot on. It’s all very retro-feeling, but sounds manic in way only today’s bands are. Fucking brilliant.


To read the rest of this article, including a Q&A interview with the band, visit:


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