Review: Municipal Waste & Toxic Holocaust- Toxic Waste


July 2, 2012 by Dan Swinhoe

The great thing about Municipal Waste is that they don’t fuck around. They play Thrash. They know exactly what the fans want. They rarely make a song over three minutes, and they write lots of them.

Being the nice chaps that they are, they’re also not afraid of giving away songs for free. First there was the Scion A/V, featuring Repossession from the newest album The Fatal Feast and Garbage Stomp/Poser Disposer, and now there’s a free split with Toxic Holocaust cleverly entitled Toxic Waste. Featuring some brilliant Andrei Bouzikov cover art, complete with green goo and melting zombies, this EP is pure 80s inspired metal as it should be.

Opening the split with Trapped in the Sites, Richmond, Virginia’s favourite Thrashers do exactly what they also have, mix furious Thrash with Punk in a crossover style they’ve moulded into perfection. For Mourning Sex, the Waste Manage to up the tempo even more. Riffs come at you thick and fast, and it rarely ceases to amaze how many time changes they can squeeze into such short songs. Vocalist Tony Foresta never sings so much as he barks and shouts at various speeds through the songs. The lyrics come at you thick and fast, it rarely matters what he’s on about, you’re too busy headbanging to care.

Toxic Holocaust play a more old-skool blackened variety of Thrash. They have a rawer sound, pounding drums and growling vocals that remind of Venom. It’s still fast and full of time-changes, though not quite as instantly recognisable as the Waste. But it’s still a good contrast and thoroughly satisfying. We Bring Em Hell and the excellenting Altar-ed States also manage the impressive feat of being even shorter than the other side of this split.

For the Scion A/V EP, It’s more of the glorious same. Repossession is fast and furious.Guitarist Ryan Waste, bassist Land Phil, and drummer Dave Witte are some of the greatest musicians in the scene, and despite how fast and heavy they get, they keep it exciting. No mean feat considering they’re onto their fifth album.  Some might complain the two EPs are just leftovers form The Fatal Feast, but it matters little when they’re this good. And Free!

Just like its daddy, the thrash revival movement quickly became over-saturated with carbon copies of old Metallica and Slayer riffs. But the best bands manage to keep it fresh and exciting enough to keeping you coming back for another go on the beer bong. The Waste are kings and they still fuck you up as well as they ever did.

Download Toxic Waste here:

Download the Scion A/V EP  here:


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