CD Review: Earthling/Valkyrie Split 7″


February 21, 2013 by Dan Swinhoe


Valkyrie- Mountain Stomp

 Since guitarist Peter Adams left to join Baroness, Valkyrie have been very quiet. Their two albums, 2006’s self-titled debut and 2008 follow up Man of Two Visions, were excellent; and although he’s done some stellar work with Baroness, it’s a shame that it had to mean the end of Valkyrie.

But no more! Adams, along with his brother Jake (Guitars/vocals), Warren Hawkins (Drums) and Alan Fary (Bass), have reformed and the band are back for a new 7″ split with thrashers Earthling. Offering a single track each, it’s too early to say if this means a full length is coming, but it’s still exciting news.

Valkyrie’s offering, Mountain Stomp, perfectly encapsulates the band’s sound; classic 70s sounding doom meets big stoner riffs with plenty of gallops- think Witchcraft meets The Sword circa Ages of Winters with a dose of Iron Maiden. Starting as a mid-paced rocker with the Adams’ wailing vocals, it steps up a gear around the half way mark, delivering plenty of twin lead guitar work.Welcome back.


Earthling- Losing Sight

Turns out Earthling are also pretty damn good. Featuring Jordan Brunk on Bass, Drummer Brently Hilliard, guitarist Praveen Chhetri and Valkyrie’s bassist Alan Fary also on guitar on vocal duties,Wildly different from Valkyrie, they play a blackened brand of thrash with a helping of classic 80s guitar solos. Losing Sight swings from blast beats and rasping vocals to thrash riffs and almost Sabbath-like doom before ending a groove-laden rock jam in six minutes. There’s a big contrast between how it beings and finishes, but it’s blends well enough so they don’t feel at odds with one another. Great stuff.

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3 thoughts on “CD Review: Earthling/Valkyrie Split 7″

    • Jake says:

      hey, this is Jake from Valkyrie – thanks for the positive review! But I have to make a clarification: When Pete joined Baroness, he continued to play with Valkyrie; we have slowed down our activity to some degree, but that is due in part to my wife and I having children; also I have embarked on a teaching career… we have continued to play shows, and since that time we have also gone on a two week tour with Earthride, among other shows, including gigs in Harrisonburg Virginia, where we consistently sell out the main local rock venue ( 180+ capacity). So yeah we aren’t super busy as far as shows but Pete has remained in the band and we are currently writing our third album. Thanks again!

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