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April 15, 2013 by Dan Swinhoe

IDG_Connect-0811It’s been very busy at IDG Connect towers, but I thought the constant posting of my techy stuff was jarring with the general rock and roll content of this blog. So I thought I’d do a big post linking to all of my content over the last five odd months. Enjoy.



Going Green: US vs. Europe

With IT pollution the equivalent to aviation, green IT is becoming a big deal. But how do the US and Europe compare on approaches?

Growth of Professional Jobs in Emerging Markets

While the job market is saturated in the US and Europe, elsewhere demand is skyrocketing.

Could Your Government Switch Off The Internet?

Syria and Egypt cut off the internet within their borders with little trouble. Could it happen where you live?

Data, Cloud, Government: The Dangers Of Data Sovereignty

Can governments legally access your Cloud data? Depends where your Cloud resides.

Hijacking Your Toaster: Hacking Embedded Systems

With more and more everyday items now Wi-Fi connected and internet enabled, is enough thought being put into the security of these devices? Not really.

Are We All Suffering From Apple Apathy?

The release of the iPad Mini was underwhelming. Have we reached our limit with Apple?

Shared Value in Emerging Markets: How IT & LatAm Are Doing It Right

A look at a new breed of corporate social responsibility.

Research and Development Centres Around the World

An overview of R&D innovation centers around the world.

The App Revolution: How this Varies By Market

Apps are hugely popular, but who loves them the most?

Most Wanted Tech 2013: B2B

Most Wanted Tech 2013: B2C

What’s going to be big in 2013?

IT New Year’s Resolutions 2013

Some tech-related promises for the year ahead.


#Romney vs. #Obama & Big Bird: Social Media in the US Elections

A look at how social media and mobility was impacting the 2012 US election.


IT In Morocco

An overview of IT & Tech in Morocco


From Disaster To the Future – Japan’s Smart Cities

Examining the rise of Smart Cities in the wake of the Fukushima disaster.

The Impact of an Ageing Chinese Population

China is booming now, but what happens when the current crop of workers begin to retire?

2013 Predictions: Asia-Pacific

In 2013, APAC will be where it’s at. See why.

Bangladesh: The Next India?

Bangladesh is quickly becoming an outsourcing hotspot. See why.

Green IT in Asia

How green is Asian IT?

Cashing In On Delivery: eCommerce In India

A look at e-Commerce in India.

Latin America

Latin American Tech Hubs Pt I- Silicon Beaches

Latin American Tech Hubs Pt II

A walk around some of the major tech hubs in Latin America- from Brazil to Panama and beyond.

The Digital Divide And Its Impact In Latin America

Famed for its inequality, what impact does leaving the poor behind have when it comes to tech?

IT & Education in LatAm

A look at e-Learning and its impact in LatAm.

Middle East

The Gulf’s Web Habits & Why We Need More Arabic Content

A look at how the Middle East uses the web.

Special Reports

Building Bridges Across LatAm’s Digital Divide

Though Brazil is now a major economy and tech power, is the Digital Divide holding the country back?

Morocco – North Africa’s Forgotten Child

A primer to the Emerging Markets report, how much potential does Morocco’s tech scene have for the future?

Iraq: Spotlight

Another primer for the Emerging Markets report, this time looking at Iraq.

Myanmar (Burma): Spotlight

The third precursor of the Emerging Markets report, looking at the potential of Myanmar now it’s begun to open up to the rest of the world.

India Failing: Hitting Another BRIC Wall?

Once seeing growth of 8%, India has stalled. But is it failing? Features opinion from professionals within the country.

Emerging Markets: No More BRICS In The Wall?

A look at the emerging markets of the future, featuring survey results of over 600 business & IT professionals.

Africa 2013: Cyber-Crime, Hacking and Malware

A look at the data security landscape in the four corners of Africa.

Brazil: Mobility Spotlight

A look at both business and personal mobility in Brazil.


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