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June 21, 2013 by Dan Swinhoe


Another dump of all my work for IDG-C in the last few months. Enjoy.

News Roundup:

Pirate Bays, Bitcoins and eBookworms

Is Apple losing its bite, the Bitcoin bubble may have burst but not evaporated, and the state of eBooks in Vietnam.

Apple Eats Intel, Facebook Gets Fat, and QWERTY Vs KALQ

Apple’s rumoured purchase of Intel, The new QWERTY and the next Bitcoin (sort of).

No Tech For Old Men, Google Glass Shattered and Linux Is King

High-end Firefox phones, No tech jobs for old men, and the death of Freemium.

Google’s 10%, Linux In Space and Netbook’s Last Stand

The arrival of ‘5G’, Google Glass’ 10%, and the revival of Netbooks, maybe.

Yahoo 2.0, Kim DotCon And File Format Phonetics

Yahoo’s buying up of every startup going, Kim DotCom’s patent trolling and the pronunciation of GIF, or JIF.

Internet Blimps, Handheld Wars and Anti-Piracy Malware

More of Yahoo!’s acquisitions, PC vs Tablet getting deadly and Soviet Hacking.

Wargames, Big Brother and Tech For Sheep

NSA’s Big Brother impression, No iBudget phones, and Raspberry Pi NOOBS.

PRISM Problems, iRevamp And Tech For Beans

NSA story still going strong, The Cloud’s a trap, and the Apple revamp.

Google’s Loony, Ballmer’s Sneaky And No Touchscreens For Cars

The third week of PRISM, billions more in Yahoo! acquisitions and Steve Ballmer’s even ploy.



Should Tech Be Involved With Political Lobbying?

Mark Zuckerberg’s Fwd.Us PAC has been causing a fuss, but should Tech be involved with politics at all?

Why The Mobile Race For 3rd Still Matters

Apple & Android/Samsung have the majority of the mobile market tied up. But that doesn’t mean the race to be 3rd is over, not by far.

Crowdsourcing- The Good, The Bad, And the Uglords

A look the the good and bad sides of crowdsourcing.


Life In Lewisham Tech City

From Lewisham to Digbeth, everyone wants to be the next tech hub. But is it a futile exercise?

Clone Wars: Innovation Killer Or Startup & Consumer Saviour?

The Samwer brothers have made millions from their startup clone creator, Rocket Internet. But is this a good thing?


Use Linux My Comrade: Tech In North Korea

Did you know North Korean’s have their own Linux-based OS called Red Star? Or that the country has a growing outsourcing industry? A look at Tech life in the DPRK.


Data Sovereignty

The Cloud, despite its aura of intangibility, is still a physical server hosted somewhere. Which means it’s still susceptible to any number of local data laws. If your data safe? This paper looks at awareness and concern on the issue.

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