Album Review: The Child Of A Creek – The Earth Cries Blood

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June 29, 2013 by Dan Swinhoe

THE EARTH CRIES BLOOD_by The Child of A CreekThe Earth Cries Blood  is the sixth albums from The Child of A Creek, the solo Italian neofolk artist also known as Lorenzo Bracaloni.

In the notes Lorenzo says the album was written “in a very difficult period of my life,” and that it “expresses a necessary parallel between Man’s Sufferings, solitary and suspicious and Mother Earth’s Sufferings always more torn and vicious. Thus, the Man cries Blood and Mother Earth cries blood in a circle unique and indissoluble.”

From his wording you can tell this isn’t a very cheery album. It’s 11 tracks of downtempo acoustic introspective melancholy. The core of the entire record is Lorenzo and his acoustic guitar, but throughout there’s bursts of electric guitar, synth, piano, string arrangements and even flute.

Opener Morning Comes starts with the slow picking of acoustic guitar, while bursts of electric guitar play on top. With the organ in the background and layered vocals, tt’s very haunting, and fans of Wino’s stripped-back Adrift album should feel at home here.

Occasionally we’re moved away from the sadness into lighter and more melodic moments, such as on Black Storms Fly High or Birds On The Way Home‘s harmonious chorus. The romantic Dont Cry to the Moon features guest vocals from Pantaleimon of Current 93, her deep soothing voice juxtaposing Lorenzo’s nicely for a his and hers ballad. On the whole, TCOAC doesn’t feature the strongest vocals you’ll ever hear, but his soft and occasionally shakey approach fits the mood well.

The entire record was written, performed and produced by Lorenzo alone, with the exceptions of Pantaleimon’s guest vocals. And in The Earth Cries Blood, TCOAC has created a very solid and listenable album. Granted it’s not a feel good record, but across its 45 minutes we’re treated to some decent songwriting and musicmanship, A quiet record for when you’re in a somber mood.


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