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September 29, 2013 by Dan Swinhoe


News Roundups

Where’s Snowden, Paypal Galactic, and Beer for Bitcoins

Fat Pets Vs Tech, iWant Smartwatches and Bitcoin ATMs

Typewriters Return, Groupon’s New Groove and Sexless Smartphones

The Return Of Bob, Hulu says NO and Self-Destructing Microchips

Unplugging The NSA, 2nd Class 4G and Bitponzi Schemes

Privacy As The New Green, Crowdfunding Cronies And Super-Linux

Amazon In Washington, Cloud Wars and Phubbing

When PR Events & Social Media Go Wrong, Human Rights and Bitcoin Bureaucracy

Severed Finger Biometrics, ‘Like’-ing Human Rights and Billion Dollar Tweets

The End Of Blackberry, McAfee’s New Dawn and Waterproofing Problems



Cloud World Forum: Do Telcos Have A Role In Enterprise Cloud? Unlikely

Cloud World Forum: Transparency Is The New Green, But Is That A Good Thing?

Reportage from the Cloud World Forum, looking at some of the questions posed by the speakers.

Does Wearable Tech Have A Place In The Enterprise?

Smartwatches and Google Glass might be cool, but do they have any business use?

The Smartwatch Wars: Hoards of Contenders Hunting For Purpose

Smartwatches are the next big cool thing, apparently. A look at the competition and what they might actually be good for.

We Need More Autistics In Tech

A look at why Autism and technology go well together.

Android Phone or iOS Tablets: Where Do App Developers’ Priorities Lie?

iOS, Android, HTLM5 or other? A look at what developers prefer when it comes to app platforms.

How Tech Is Ruining Language

A rant about how annoying text speak, acronyms and the general impact of tech on language.


How Yahoo! Is Creating A New Kind Of Web Portal

A year into Marissa Mayer’s reign and Yahoo! is become a mobile web portal. Here’s how.


Tech in Cuba

A look at Cuba’s nascent tech scene.


Tech in The Former Soviet Bloc

A look at how the tech scenes across the former Soviet states.


Why Do So Many IT Workers Want To Get Out Of Oz?

A look at tech industry hiring trends & fears within Australia.

Crowdfunding Interviews

David Endler, Co-Founder at Jumpshot

A new kind of security software.

Alen Peacock and Clint Gordon-Carroll, Co-founders of Space Monkey

A new kind of Cloud server for the masses.

Matteo Fornacciari, CTO of Laura Sapiens

A new kind of mouse that can switch between computers wirelessly.

Aakash Patel, Founder & CEO, BlurPort LLC

A new kind of USB security key.

Roger Chang, Chief Executive Pirate of Pirate3D

3D Printing with a swashbuckling theme.

Martine Neider VP, Operations at Otherfab

Circuit board fabrication for the home.

Tyler Renelle, Developer of HabitRPG

Gamifying productivity with Old Skool graphics.

Alex Gizis, CEO at Connectify

Speeding up internet by gathering connections.

Konstantinos Kakousis, Founder of QRccino

QR Codes and eCommerce combine in the resturant.

Ben Ow, President, Duvon Corporation

The mini Cloud server for the house/office.

Francesco Giartosio, CEO of GlassUp

The stylish rival to Google Glass.

Chace Hatcher, CEO of Diamond Fortress

The app that did fingerprint biometrics before the iPhone 5S

Ruslan Zhunussov, CEO of Meomni

Open source social media aggregation.

Anwar Almojarkesh, CEO of Braci

Wearable tech from Jordan.


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