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June 14, 2014 by Dan Swinhoe

IDG_Connect-0811A big dump of all the tech writing I do to pay the bills….

News Roundups

Pay Raises, Fog Computing and Tech Cartography

Microsoft’s New Man, Spy Porn, and Code as a Foreign Language

Secret IPOs, Tech Philanthropy and Bitcoin Psychology

Winkdexes, Social Media Lies and Glassholes

Tech Neck, Wi-Fi Plagues and MWC coverage

2.5 Trick Ponies, HTML STDs and the Man Behind Bitcoin (Maybe)

Tech-Fasting, SXSW Appearances and Web Magna Cartas

A Purpose for Smartwatches, Social Swearing and Tech Philanthropy

America’s New CEO, Silicon Valley Psychos And Wearable Tech That Makes You Cooler Than The Fonz

Green Clouds, Cuban Twitters and April’s Fools

French Emails, Bleeding Hearts And Losing Our Religion

Selling Your Digital Soul, The Loch Ness Mapster and London’s ArisTechcracy

XPocalypse Now, Costly Wearables and Endless T&Cs

Big Data Pokemon, Searching Sputnik and Dre’s Billion Dollar Beat

Slave-Drivers, War & Peace, and Hackers on Weed

Snowden Selfies, Diversity Problems and BBQ Sauce

WWDC, Dyson Glass and Kindle Oaths                      

Al Gore On Silicon Valley, Google Sloths and North Korean Gold


Christopher Cox, Founder of Pivothead

Sam Nagar, CEO of Pixeom LLC

Rohildev, Founder of RHLvision Technologies

Bhavesh Shah, CEO of Tango Tech

Scott Ma, Vice President of  ICE Computer

Nissan Yaron, CEO of Inpris

Dave Howell, CEO of Avatron Software

Roberto Damen, CEO of ICARUS

Joshua Milas, Co-Founder of Mindsense

Chia-Shen Chiang, CEO of Halo-Digi Technology

Vanessa Laughlin, Director of Mindstream Inc.

Le-roy Staines, Founder of TIMEDOCK

Andrew “Bunnie” Huang, Hacker at Sutajio Ko-Usagi

PA Nilsson, Founder of OpenProducts AB

Mark Henderson, Founder of Innavatus

Michiel Bieshaar, Founder of MyMatics

Oliver Csiszler, CEO of Memolyzer

Leke Babalola, CEO of E-Beeze

Brent Safer, CTO of Technology Launch LLC.

Blazej Marciniak, CEO of Inc


Wishberry: Innovation in India with People Power

SuiteWorld: The Happy Accident of NetSuite’s Expansion

Q&A: NetSuite’s President of EMEA, Pete Daffern

Jitterbit All In For Cloud Hypergrowth


Silicon Valley’s Gentrification Problem

Tech/Not Tech: Why Every Company Is Becoming Tech-Centric

UK: Teaching Kids to Code Needs Good Old Fashioned American Enthusiasm

Will The Fax Machine Ever Actually Die?

Is There Such A Thing As A Hobbyist Programmer Anymore?

Should The Internet Be A Human Right?

Should The Tech Industry Be More Involved With Education?

Crowdsourcing Innovation: A Retrospective


The Ultimate Technophobe

2013’s Acquisition Shopping Sprees


NetSuite Seeks a New World Order

CIO Research: The Birth of the CDO


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